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Professional Recruitment

The Midwest roster includes men and women who have established outstanding records at their various professional schools. Owner Deborah Weaver mentors court reporting students through service on professional training boards and the sharing of expertise as a visiting instructor and seminar leader. The company is a magnet for top professional court reporters and trial support technicians.

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Industry Specialists

Court reporters with industry-specific expertise are immediately available to Midwest clients.

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Real Time Reporting

When needed, instant translation of shorthand into English (voice to print) from a Midwest court reporter's notebook computer (on or off site) to an attorney's computer can provide immediate testimony without transcription delay.

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Closed Captioning

Via real time software, reporters enable hearing-impaired persons to fully participate in all types of events. These Midwest specialists are also available for educational and community events.

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By partnering with over 250 companies who all meet Midwest's professional court reporting standards, clients are assured continuity of quality service wherever their cases or clients are located.

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Midwest operates as a scheduling hub for its reporters. This ensures a steady workflow and guarantees immediate availability for clients. Deposition scheduling is also available online.

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Professional Support

Midwest reporters receive important professional prerequisites: scheduling, in-house production, transcript delivery, group rates for benefits and continuing education to maintain licensing requirements.

VIP 21 Repository, Midwest Litigation Services

VIP 21 Repository

Attorneys can obtain instant access to all schedules, transcripts and exhibits online by setting up a free account for our VIP21 online repository. Call or email Gene Miller for more information.

Court Reporter Testimonials

What some of our court reporters have to say about Midwest Litigation Services.

"Midwest Litigation is the only firm I've known since I've been a court reporter. I feel there is a strong sense of loyalty and dedication when it comes to being the best by both the staff and fellow reporters. I am proud to say that I am a Midwest Litigation Court Reporter."

- Ashley High, Court Reporting 9 years

"Working for Midwest has been a great joy for the last two years. During college, Midwest Litigation Services would travel to my school's career fair in Des Moines, Iowa. All three years I was intrigued with what they had to offer and how great they made the profession sound.

During the last few weeks of school, I e-mailed Mary Gaal to get more information about the company and to possibly interview. Mary was very welcoming and really made me feel like Midwest was the right fit for me even before I interviewed.

After passing my last leg of speed tests in school, I interviewed in the Kansas City office and was working within two weeks of finishing school.

Not too many degrees or jobs can offer you such a fast-track process right out of college. I have now worked for Midwest Litigation Services for two years, and I absolutely love the company and the attorneys I work with. Midwest Litigation Services not only cares about their reporters, but they truly care about their clients as well, making sure every transcript goes out in a timely manner and in perfect shape! Working for Midwest has been such a huge blessing, and I am grateful for the opportunity!"

- Maria Taylor, RPR, CCR Kansas City Office

"I have been a court reporter at Midwest Litigation Services for more than five years, and I have to say that having worked at other reporting firms in the past I feel that Debbie Weaver and the entire staff are dedicated to not only doing their jobs well, but going above and beyond. They make my job easier because of their professionalism. But beyond that, on a personal level, whether it is offering support in trying times, or fundraising and volunteering for a good cause, the people at Midwest truly care about their community."

- Jeanne

"I would not be the Court Reporter I am today if not for Debbie, Mary and the MLS production team. Their support and belief in me has allowed me to be the best I can be. They are like a second family and I am honored to work with the entire MLS Family."

- Tracie Brumley, CCR 620 Certified Court Reporter Midwest Litigation Services Springfield, MO Office